Create Hosting Plan

Hosting Plan determines the account type or, in other words, priveleges and hosting resources/services granted to an account owner.
That mean you can set what hosting resources/service you provide for each hosting plan, and user can choose which hosting plan that suit for their inquiry.

This is the step to create your hosting plan :
1. Login to your Control panel
2. Click Reseller Manager at the left Menu
3. Click add hosting Plan Link


4. Enter all detail for hosting plan that you want to create 
      - Hosting Plan Name : name of your hosting plan, for example : Basic Plan. 
      - Website Quota : Number of website that can host at this plan. 
      - MSSQL Quota : Number of MSSQL database that you provide at this plan. 
      - MSSQL Express Quota : Number of MSSQL Express database that you provide at this plan. 
      - MySQL Quota : Number of MySQL database that you provide at this plan. 
      - Disk Space : Disk space that available for this plan in MB. 
      - FTP User : Number of FTP user that you provide for this plan. 
      - Bandwith : Bandwith that you provide at this plan in MB. 
      - Monthly Fee : Fee that you will charge to your client per month.


5. Click Create Plan.

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