Configure your Order Page details

Order Page is the page that your client will use to signup for their hosting plan.
For default You can use our Generic Order Page URL or you can use your own order page. 
If you want to use (for example) as your Order Page URL, what you need to do is point domain A record to IP Address (this is our Reseller server IP Address).

After that you can set your own Order Page URL at the Control Panel by following this steps :
1. At the Reseller Admin page, Click Order Page Details.
2. Enter your Order Page URL ( for example) at Your Own Order Page URL
    text box.
3. Update it.

You can also set “Thank You Signup Page” and “Failure Signup Page” at Order Page Details to redirect Successful registration and failure registration.
For Example you can set for Successful registration and for Failure registration.
Don’t forget to Update it after you make this changes.


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