Sitebuilder Step by Step

Please make sure to follow this step by step to create,edit and publish your website using SiteBuilder.

Here is the step to start using your Sitebuilder.

Step 1) 
Create Sitebuilder User 
Here is the step to create it :
1. Login to your Hosting Control panel
2. Click Sitebuilder at the left menu.
3. Enter the detail at the create account page.
4. Click Create.


Step 2) Install Sitebuilder to your website 
After creating your sitebuilder account, you can choose which website you want to install and edit it with Sitebuilder.
At the Hosting Copanel Sitebuilder Admin page, you will see list of your website at the hosting account.

Click the install link and at the next page you will see to which user your website will be installed with the sitebuilder, click Install to proceed it.


Step 3) 
Manage your sitebuilder website 
If you’ve install your website with the sitebuilder, you can start to manage and edit your website.
At the Sitebuilder Admin page, click “Manage” link, that will auto login to the Sitebuilder Control Panel.

Please remember to backup all of your files first, just in case you want to rollback your website to the previous version. And turn off your browser pop up blocker.

Step 4) 
Edit your website using the sitebuilder Tools 
At this sitebuilder panel you can create, edit and publish your site to the temporary server.
You can create your website using the template and tools that we’ve provide in here, you only need to take few step to create, edit and publish your own custom website.
Click Edit your site to start editing your site.

Step 5)
 Publish your website from Sitebulder control panel to temporary server 
The final step is publish your website. You can click the publish button to publish your site.
Please remember this only publish your site to the temporary server.

Step 6) 
Deploy your website to your domain folder 
After Edit and publish your website, you need to deploy it to your domain folder.
From your hosting account control panel -> Sitebuilder , you can click Deploy tab.
Choose which site you’ve edit and want to deploy it , click the deploy button.
After deploy it, you can access your website from the browser.

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