Why is there such a difference in the cost of SSL Certificates?

Why is there such a difference in the cost of SSL Certificates?
Though the encryption process is similar, the cost difference is typically due to the level of business verification and SSL verification services. The less expensive SSL certificates will only verify the domain owner via an email exchange. This type of verification is very quick, taking only a matter of minutes, but it lacks a full business verification.

The professional and more expensive solutions not only verify the domain name owner but they also verify the business legitimacy by checking Dun and Bradstreet numbers (
dnb.com), incorporation documents, DBA documentation, etc. The more expensive certificates typically also include SSL/business verification seals.

Since a user can click on the SSL Seal and get business verification information along with the SSL verification, they will have extra confidence that the SSL certificate is associated with a professional and legitimate business entity.

The new EV (Extended Validation) certificates turn a portion of the browser address bar green as a visual indication that the web page is secure.

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