I'm new to MySQL, where should I start?

Useful Tutorials:

Examples on using MySQL commands:

Setting Up a MySQL Based Website

Useful MySQL desktop GUI:

PremiumSoft Navicat (Windows & Mac OS X)

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How do I delete a table from a database?

Use this sql command "DROP TABLE yourtablename"

What does this error message means - Warning: Supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource and how do you solve it?

I think you got this message from PHP.You get this message when you're trying to access $result...

Select statement to join tables?

For a simple join:SELECT a.*, b.*FROM tblAlpha a, tblBeta bWHERE (a.keyfield = b.foreignkey);It's...

How can i select random rows from a table?

SELECT * FROM table_name ORDER BY RAND();Found at...

Does mysql support foreign keys ?

The answer to this is two-fold.Yes. MySQL _DOES_ allow the creation of foreign key constraints...