How can I take a list and make each row a value in an array?

If you have a text file that looks like this :

Each line can magically be an element in the array using the PHP file()
function, like so :

$lines = file('info.txt');

print $lines[0]; // john|orange|cow
print $lines[1]; // sam|green|goat
print $lines[2]; // mick|red|dragon

Using explode() will help seperate the lines by the seperator, which in
this case is a '|' , the following will loop through the text file,
explode each line and print out the given parts. We're assuming that
the text file (info.txt) has this format :


In the above, we could replace:

$p = explode('|', $line);


list($name, $color, $animal) = explode('|', $line);

To create/define more _friendly_ variables to play with.

Related manual entries are as follows :

explode -- Split a string by string


file -- Reads entire file into an array

II. Array Functions

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