Transfer of Domain Name from other Domain Registrar to

To complete the transfer of your domain from other registrar to, please follow the following steps:

  1. Open this URL :
  2. Choose second option "I want to transfer my domain to (MicroData Pty Ltd)"
  3. On Step 3, please include your EPP code (you can get that from your old domain registrar)
  4. Input the Nameserver address, if you want to use Custom Nameserver
  5. Then follow next steps until you complete the order
  6. Once its done, we'll process and initiate the domain transfer
  7. It will send approval email to address registered on your whois domain, and you will need to confirm to complete the transfer

To ensure that there is no downtime during the domain transfer, we highly recommend you to read the steps outlined in KB

The domain transfer is free of charge, but you just need to pay for 1 year renewal ahead through us. Please visit our livechat service for further information.

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