I signed up as a domain transfer. How do I update my domain's DNS?

The customer owns an existing domain name and signed up for hosting services as a domain transfer. The customer must now initiate an update of their domain name's DNS information.

In order for your domain name to properly work with our hosting system, you will need to update your domain name's DNS information with ASPWebHosting.com.au name servers.

So you have to find out who is your registrar and then login to your registrar to update your primary Name Server and secondary Name Server

Our Primary Name Server is :
- NS1.
ASPWebHosting.com.au (old control panel)  OR 
- NS1.OzPanelHosting.com (DotNetPanel control panel)

and secondary name server is :
- NS2.
ASPWebHosting.com.au (old control panel)  OR 
- NS2.OzPanelHosting.com (DotNetPanel control panel)

We will be very happy to assist you on your domain transfer

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