General ASPWebHosting Mail Server Information provides all customers with access to send and receive internet email using their domain name. To do this you will need to configure the email client on your computer to use the servers following the conventions detailed here.

Mail Server Configuration
We will use the domain name "" for the example domain name. You should replace "" with the domain name you have setup with your hosting account.POP3 Server

Below is the setting that you have to configure in your Outlook or Eudora
POP Server Hostname:
SMTP Server Hostname:

**Important - Always use this format as the mailbox username for your account. When setting up Outlook or Eudora, make sure to check on

(highlight) my outgoing (SMTP) server requires authentication before sending


You can access web mail through

POP Login Name Convention
The login name for logging into your POP follow the convention of being the full email address, not just the user name. For example you create the POP account with the email address of "". The proper login name is
  not just "user". You must use the full email address( as the login name. 

Mailbox Quota Size
All customer mailboxes are the same size by default, 15 MegaBytes.

Maximum Email Message Size
All messages incoming, and outgoing are limited to 10 MegaBytes, including the size of the attachment.
Note: Even though the server can send and receive email up to 10 MegaBytes in size, the size of an email you can receive is limited to available space in your mailbox.

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